CSS Pre-processor compilers

As I was searching through the CSS pre-processor compilers to speed up, maintain my website. I came across “Koala” – http://koala-app.com/ and “Compass-App” – “http://compass.kkbox.com/”. I found them helpful as they aligned with the requirement.



Koala as their site note “Koala is a GUI application for Less, Sass, compass and CoffeeScript compilation, to help web developers to use them more efficiently. Koala can run in windows, Linux and mac.“, was very easy to install, but it takes some time to figure out how the app works. I could configure the setting through config.rb, i.e. the input folder and the output folder. And thereafter I started concentrating on my main web development work of writing in SASS. The task of compiling was taken care by Koala app.

Compass App


Compass App as their site note “Compass is a stylesheet authoring framework that makes your stylesheets and markup easier to build and maintain. …” is also easy for installation. But in addition to configuration of the input and the output folder, there are other features that i found to be very handy. We can create a project for compass, susy, compass-normalize, compass-960-plugins, HTML5-boilerplate, bootstrap-sass, zurbfoundation etc. These feature i found it helpful for start a project from scratch.

There are many other pre-processor compilers paid as well as free. I suggest you’ll choose the compiler as per your requirements and scope of work.


Planning and Decision Making in Management

Types of Plans:

It is easy to see that the major program, such as one to build and equip a new factory, is the plan. But a number of other courses of future action are also plans. In fact, a plan can encompass any course of future action, which clearly shows that plan are varied. They are classified here as 1. Purpose or mission 2. Objectives, 3. Strategies, 4. Policies, 5. Procedures, 6. Rules, 7. Programs and 8. Budgets.